A Big Thank You

A Big Thank You

Volunteers are a large part of Stamford EMS and we are lucky to have a wonderful group of them. These volunteers take time out of their lives to assist as a third member of a crew, staff an enhancement unit (extra ambulance), provide coverage at special events, do community outreach, and even help out in the office.

Due to the COVID19 outbreak, SEMS has restricted volunteers from being active in the field, for their safety, but it didn’t stop Volunteer EMT Steve Feder from serving the agency. Steve worked with one of our supervisors to setup free meals for the on-duty crews during the crisis to ensure that every member of the field staff was able to have a meal between responding to incidents across the city.

The Stamford Paramedic Association would like to thank Steve for his generous donation to the crews of Stamford EMS in this difficult time. His devotion to not only serve the community but also his fellow members of the agency when unable to be active in the field is exemplary. We cannot express enough gratitude.

On behalf of all members of the Stamford Paramedic Association,

Thank you, Steve!

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