International Association of EMTs & Paramedics

The International Association of EMT’s and Paramedics is the newest division of The National Association Of Government Employees that represents over 200,000 employees throughout the country, including thousands in the health care profession. In addition to improving wages and benefits for EMT’s and Paramedics, the goal of IAEP is to professionalize the industry through local and national legislation, standardized training procedures and labor/management negotiations. Through the National Association of Government Employees, IAEP members will be represented by skilled labor attorneys, expert contract negotiation, knowledgeable national representatives and effective lobbyists. NAGE has more attorneys than any union in the country.

  • IAEP Supports Its Locals With Nationally Experienced Representatives
  • IAEP Supports Its Locals With A Skilled Legal Staff
  • IAEP Supports Its Locals With Knowledgeable Lobbyists
  • IAEP Supports Its Locals With Expert Negotiators
  • IAEP Members Are Eligible To Participate In A Variety Of Benefit Programs:
  • *Low Cost Credit Card
  • *Vacation & Travel Program
  • *Discount Prescription Program
  • *College Scholarship Program
  • *Legal Services Program
  • *Low Cost Liability Insurance
  • *Mortgage/Loan Program
  • *Life Insurance Program
  • *Financial Services Program